About Us

About Us

PT Aquila Java Natura


AQUIVA Gallery is a home decor Company based in Solo, Central Java Indonesia. We specialse in making furniture and deco from wood, metal, bamboo and marble.

We Have exported our products for our client, ranging from wholesales and hotel projects in Countries, such as USA, Germany, Nederland, Australia, Taiwan, Switzerland, Austria, Thailand and Malaysia.

Our design philosophy is to create a harmonious collaboration between nature and man, where the flowing organic lines and rich texture of wood are combined with the highest crafrtmanship of our wood and metal aceents.

Our business motto is to strive for excellence in both quality abd service by using sustainable resources and strategic of nature to our client.

PT. Aquila Java Natura

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Kenalan Sambikerep, Bangunjiwo RT.05 DK VIII,  Kec. Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta 55184

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